electrostatics 2015


Please note that the programme is subject to change.

The event will start with registration for early arrivals on Sunday 12 April (timings and location to be confirmed). The main conferences sessions will start at 08:45 on Monday 13 April and close at lunchtime on Thursday 16 April.

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Poster session 1 (Monday)
    Poster session 2 (Tuesday)

Tuesday 14 April

08:00 Registration
Session 5: Non-thermal plasmas 1

Chair: Istvan Kiss, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary


(invited) Atmospheric-pressure ionization processes: New approaches and applications for plasmas in contact with liquids
David B Go, University of Notre Dame, USA


Reduction of NOx and PM in marine diesel engine exhaust gas using microwave plasma
Nadarajah Manivannan, Brunel University London, UK


Refreshments and exhibition

Session 6: Non-thermal plasmas 2

Chair: Paul Holdstock, Holdstock Technical Services, UK


Electrical and mechanical characteristics of nanosecond pulsed sliding dielectric barrier discharges with different electrode gaps
Kossi D Bayoda, Institut P’ – CNRS – Université de Poitiers – ENSMA, France


Evaluation of the time-resolved EHD force by particle image velocimetry – a parametric study
Nicolas Benard, Institut P’ – CNRS – Université de Poitiers – ENSMA, France


CO2 reduction system using adsorption followed by nonthermal plasma treatment
Kenji Nakajima, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan


Technical presentations 1
Chilworth Technology Ltd.

13:00 Lunch

Session 7: Measurement and instrumentation 1

Chair: Paul Holdstock, Holdstock Technical Services, UK


Footwear and flooring: charge generation in combination with a person as influenced by environmental moisture
David E Swenson, Affinity Static Centre Consulting LLC, USA


Measurement of the electric potential at the surface of non-uniformly charged polypropylene nonwoven media
Ali Fatihou, Institut P’ – CNRS – Université de Poitiers – ENSMA, France


Techniques for investigating the effects of ESD on electronic equipment
Douglas C Smith, University of Oxford, UK


Poster session 2 and refreshments

Session 8: Measurement and instrumentation 2

Chair: Mark N Horenstein, Boston University, USA


Uncertainty of potential measurements of Q-constant objects
Ryszard Kacprzyk, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland


Simultaneous measurement of particle charge, distance and size using coaxial induction probe
Matti Murtomaa, University of Turku, Finland


Importance of the substrate nature to preserve microorganisms’ cultivability in electrostatic air samplers
Jean-Maxime Roux, CEA, France


End of day two

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline (poster only):
    9 January 2015
    • Paper submission deadline:
      3 February 2015
  • Early registration deadline:
    28 February 2015
  • Registration deadline:
    1 April 2015